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We offer a range of pooled vehicles which are managed with the same underlying investment approach – a focus on investing in ‘exceptional’ companies for the very long term. 

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Muddy Waters

Madeline Wright

This piece is a companion to an earlier insight, “Scope 3 Under The Microscope”, in which I observed that our ESG work has highlighted a number of themes pertinent to a large proportion of our portfolio companies.

Drinking Less, Drinking Better

Madeline Wright

What does it really mean to say that consumers are “drinking less, but drinking better”? It is an important observation for us, given we have a number of our investments in premium alcoholic beverage brand owners.

Scope 3 Under The Microscope

Madeline Wright

One of the advantages of running portfolios as concentrated and long-term focused as ours is that we are able to dedicate a great deal of time to in-depth research on individual companies.