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We offer a range of pooled vehicles which are managed with the same underlying investment approach – a focus on investing in ‘exceptional’ companies for the very long term. 

UK, Global and Japanese Equity strategies

20-35 holdings

Low turnover

Investment Insights

Scope 3 Under The Microscope

Madeline Wright

One of the advantages of running portfolios as concentrated and long-term focused as ours is that we are able to dedicate a great deal of time to in-depth research on individual companies.

Rational numbers

James Bullock

At the tail-end of the 19th century, a small-town Carolinas chemist named Caleb Bradham hit upon an exciting new formulation. A marvellous tonic that served as both a refreshing pick-me-up and a remedy for indigestion, an affliction more formally known as dyspepsia.

Lost in the Supermarket

Madeline Wright

In February 2019 something seismic occurred in the world of packaged food – Kraft Heinz took an eyewatering writedown of $15bn on its Kraft and Oscar Mayer franchises, two iconic American brands that have appeared on the tables of families for decades.